Ethics is about thinking and living well. At ACU, ethics is central to what we teach and what we do. The Catholic intellectual tradition is a living tradition, an ongoing conversation about the basic truths concerning the human person, God, and everything else in between.

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Ethics 101: An Intro

Some people don’t support Glasgow Rangers, mindfulness or Country and Western music. Everyone supports ethics; which doesn’t mean everyone fully understands ethics or always acts ethically, but it does tell you something about ethics. Ethics captures human conduct at its most positive and praiseworthy. Why then do people disagree about ethics?

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Catholic Intellectual Tradition 

The Catholic intellectual Tradition says that faith and reason — religion and science — are fully compatible. In other words, anything that is scientifically true is consistent with Christian faith, and anything that’s religiously true is consistent with good science. If faith and reason disagree, it must be bad science, or bad religion, or both. 

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Ex Corde Ecclesiae

St John Paul II wrote more than any Pope ever has, or probably ever will. For Catholic universities, he issued “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” or “Born from the Heart of the Church”. It is a great treasure of the long papacy of John Paul the Great and an entry point to understanding ACU for people of all faiths and traditions.

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