Study ethics

At ACU, there are a variety of ways you can study ethics and grow in your understanding of how to live well and flourish as a person. You can explore its roots and foundations in the Core Curriculum, you can see how an ethical approach is embedded within all our Faculties and Schools, and you can participate in a range of short courses and certificates…


Core Curriculum

This unit will equip you with knowledge and understanding of the ideas of ‘self’ and ‘community’ as interrelated concepts and develop basic skills to enable you to contribute to a more just society.

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This unit helps you to acquire the skills and knowledge to become an active agent for change in an interconnected and interdependent world.

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This unit introduces you to philosophical reflection concerning what it is to be a human being. You will examine key concepts, ethical theories and debates relating to a range of important themes.

This unit introduces you to philosophical reflection concerning some fundamental questions in ethics, including ‘metaethics’, normative ethics and philosophical exploration of practical moral problems.

This unit leads you to engage with a range of contemporary philosophical debates and perspectives on the nature of the good society. It provides you with the knowledge and analytical skills to participate constructively in dialogue regarding matters of fundamental social importance.

Faculty of Education and Arts

Our faculty has a diverse community of learners committed to making a positive difference in the world. Taught by active researchers and experienced practitioners, our programs will deepen your professional knowledge and understanding in both a reflective and practical way. Whether you’re at the beginning of your learning journey or you’re an experienced professional wanting to focus your leadership skills, our education and arts degrees put your learning into a global context and give you access to teaching experts engaged in the latest research.

Our teacher education programs equip you to support the growth and development of your students and make a difference in their lives while having a fulfilling career doing something you love. With a focus on social justice, community engagement and lifelong learning, your degree will help you make an impact and inspire young minds.

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Fire up your imagination and get a new perspective on the world when you study with the National School of Arts. Our graduates are socially aware and ethically minded. Across our degrees, we emphasise the importance of working for the common good and acknowledging the dignity of the human person.

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Faculty of Health Sciences

Everything we do at the Faculty of Health Sciences is guided by the values of excellence, dignity and engagement. Our staff and students strive to improve the lives of others through the provision of world-leading health care. When you study with us, you'll go beyond the theory. Many of our courses have a clinical component where you will be able to apply your skills in the real world through professional experience with some of our many partners, or in our own health clinics. Under the guidance of experts in their fields, you'll deliver health services to students, staff and the wider community.

Allied health professionals work with people of all ages to make a tangible difference in their daily lives.  And, as a student with us, you’ll be supported by leading academics, practitioners, clinicians and researchers, and learn in high-quality facilities.

The School of Allied Health

Help others find the mental and physical strength to be their best. Our courses will equip you for a future developing healthy minds, bodies and even healthy policies. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

The School of Behavioural and Health Sciences

Be there to support people at their most vulnerable. When you pursue a career in nursing, midwifery and paramedicine, you'll treat, comfort and help those at their most vulnerable, supporting individuals and their carers.

The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

Faculty of Law and Business

Sustainable success is based on more than scholarship. At the Faculty of Law and Business, you'll build knowledge and skills on a foundation that emphasises the ethical, social and environmental duties of the modern business leader and lawyer.

And you'll learn through doing. All of our courses have a strong practical component through community engagement, pro bono work and internships. We aim to equip students with an understanding of justice and the common good, creating opportunities for people and communities to flourish.

The Peter Faber Business School seeks to develop reflective business leaders and independent learners who are global in their outlook, ethical in their actions and practical in the application of their professional skills.

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Embrace law to fight injustice. Our Bachelor of Laws is a global, ethical and practical qualification designed to give you the skills to build a satisfying legal career and at the same time consider community wellbeing.

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Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

We take great pride in offering our students direct access to world-leading research, an extensive network of international partnerships, innovative and responsive curriculum design, extended overseas study opportunities, and a staffing profile that is the rival of any theological faculty in the world.

If you are curious about the origin, nature and future of religion in society, theology is for you. It’s for inquisitive and enquiring minds – those eager to probe the foundations of the Christian faith, the development of its central teachings and philosophies, and its relationship with the modern world.

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Explore some of the most fascinating, challenging questions posed by thinkers across the ages, and learn to find wisdom in areas often overlooked. Apply centuries of contemplation on the nature of ethics, morality and decision-making to contemporary contexts and problems.  At the School of Philosophy, we seek to ignite wonder as we tackle some of the most fascinating, challenging questions wrestled with by history’s greatest minds.

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Short courses and seminars

Our short courses in theology and philosophy offer the opportunity to explore philosophy, ethics and theology, the Christian faith and world religions without committing to a full degree. Short courses are taught by leading theology and philosophy scholars and experts. Recent short course topics have included the examination of living justice within the modern world and exploration of ethics in relation to Catholic social thought.

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Health care professionals are required to protect the vulnerability of those persons for whom they care. To ensure the wellbeing of patients or clients, this unit will help you build your understanding of the notions of human dignity and the common good, as well as interpret the notion of ethical integrity.

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ACU’s Religion and Theology program 2020 Online Research Seminar Series.

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The Program in Biblical and Early Christian Studies pursues research on Greek, Latin, Syriac, and Coptic Christian traditions up to c. 1,000 CE, taking into account the manifold contexts within which these traditions developed.

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