In this masterclass series, Prof Hayden Ramsay (Deputy Vice Chancellor Ethics) investigates the ethical demands and challenges faced by businesses operating in the 21st Century, providing practical advice for how they can continue to meet stakeholder expectations through prioritising ethics at every level.

How does business ethics really apply to business in practice? It is important to keep ethics tangible, accessible and real.

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Ethics instructs us to fulfill our duties towards legitimate external expectations. It also gives us principles for balancing our internal and external standards.

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Loss of trust is understandable after repeated failures of delivery, failure to do as you say, or failure to treat others as people.

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It is important for employers to be sure that employees are not just feeling well, but also living well.

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Leaders with integrity are consistent and they carry the basic morality of their personal lives into their professional lives.

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Who is entitled to the truth? Is there ever a reason to lie at work?

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Robots will never understand what they are doing in the way that humans understand, experience and are fulfilled by their work.

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Cultures are not static: they are organic, changing, reactive, living.

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Businesses need to act as agents of social change and do so in a way that is considerate of the views and wishes of its stakeholders and shareholders.

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Masterclass on How to Flourish at Work and Beyond

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